The Key To Avoiding Failure.

We have all been through stages in our lives, I believe, where we are looking for an easy way out, or that “one thing” that will make us a success.

It’s a simple process, we google things like, “How to get rich”, or “How to make more money”… We are faced with hundreds of different sites, all claiming to know the secret to getting rich. They’ll tell you that people “in your area” are using this one tip to make thousands per day.

When the truth is, none of these things will do what they promise! There are some legitimate ways to increase income and there are ways to make money from home, online, in your spare time etc…

None of them will be easy. None of them will be quick., ALL OF THEM TAKE WORK!

Some methods of making money are better than others, but on the whole, these “systems” and “secrets” will do nothing but make your wallet a little lighter!

I do, however, have good news. There is one thing that can be the difference between success and failure. One thing that can make or break your success.


Your ability to persist, to remain consistent and to become obsessed will ultimately dictate the amount of success you will achieve.

Take any task, anything at all, and apply my point to it. Lets say you want to climb Everest.

Scenario 1. You train for a while, buy all the right equipment, attempt the climb once, fail then give up on it – your chances of success are Zero.

Scenario 2. You train for a while, buy all the equipment, attempt the climb and fail. But in this case, you don’t give up. You find your innate ability to become obsessed. the obsession takes over. You research the climb, train more, change out your equipment for more suitable gear, train some more, research some more, speak to some people who know more than you do about it, you complete smaller climbs, building up to the BIG ONE… Then you go for it. You might succeed on this attempt, you might not, but if you fail, you repeat the process – eventually, if you are consistent with your actions, if you persevere, YOU WILL WIN!

There is no question, no debate to be had – perseverance IS THE ONE THING. It’s the thing you’ve been looking for.

How many times have you started a diet, o a workout program on the build up to a holiday? You start well, slowly it fades. You lay on the beach looking at all of the ripped people around you thinking “if only I stuck with it!”

It’s the same in business and finance – if you never give up, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail!

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