The 10X Planner – By Grant Cardone

The 10X Planner - By Grant Cardone


In my time as an entrepreneur, one thing that I’ve been quite committed to is finding different ways to maximise my efficiency and time management skills.

I’ve been through countless day planners, diaries, apps etc… Some worked well, some were a complete waste of time and money – I regret none of them!

There is no investment I could make that would be more likely to payoff than when I invest in myself! So I’m more than willing to risk a little money for possible self improvement!

I found the perfect planner!

It’s called the 10x Planner. It was designed by Grant Cardone – a multi-millionaire businessman and entrepreneur who puts most to shame when it comes to productivity – the guy is a beast! He has developed this planner, which he uses himself, to help the rest of us to make the most of the 24hours that we get.

And It Works!

I’ve been using the planner for over a year now, and I love it! It has become an integral part of my morning ritual, my evening ritual and I also use it during the day – you’ll see why when I get into the pros and cons!

So – Let’s get to it!


  1. Price – $34.95 per unit – 60 days per book. Now, I don’t actually think price is ever a real issue and I don’t think this is extortionate – clearly, I’ve been buying them for a year and I have 5 unopened waiting to be used! – but I know for some this may seem like a lot for a diary/ planner.
  2. If you live outside of the US, you’ll also have to pay for them to be imported, which can be a little expensive.
  3. Only good for 60 days.

That’s about it for the cons.

Pros (I’ll go into each in more detail later)

  1. It has been developed by somebody who has been there and done it. GC is a serial winner! His years of experience and hunger to improve himself have led him to create some truly spectacular contenThe 10X Planner - By Grant Cardonet and products.
  2. Each day is broken down into 15 minute blocks. Do everything you can to make sure you fill up each and every block. If you wanna meet the devil, have white space on your calendar! – G.C.
  3. Sections to record your goals twice per day.
  4. Section to set daily targets.
  5. Section to record your daily successes!
  6. No bigger than a standard notepad.



Why I Love This Planner

Goal setting

This one is absolutely huge for me. I’ll be writing a page on goal setting soon so look out for that one. Setting goals is one thing, it’s a great start and I would advise everybody to do it. In fact, I’d imagine most of you already do, we call it a new years resolution.

Now what happens to those goals you’ve written down after a month? You forget them. You forget you’ve even set them so how can you make sure you’re working towards them?

I write my goals twice per day, everyday! It’s the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do before I go to bed.

It keeps my mind on what’s important. I start my day thinking about where I need to be heading and I end my day with my mind on what I’ve done to get closer to massive success!

I challenge you to try this out – it’ll change your life, I’m telling you!

Daily Targets

With so much focus on long term goals, it can be easy to forget to set targets to help you get closer to the end goal. What’s so powerful about daily targets is the self perpetuating effect when you reach them.

But you haver to do it right. Don’t set easy goals, goals that you know you’d achieve with your eyes closed. Make sure they’re tied to your goals.

Who’s that one customer that you didn’t satisfy to your standards? what can you do to make up fThe 10X Planner - By Grant Cardoneor that? DO IT TODAY!

Who is that one person that, if you got in front of, would change the trajectory of your business instantly?

What could you do, today, to fix the moral issue that your staff are having?

Do you see where I’m going with this? It can’t be something simple that doesn’t propel you towards your purpose… it MUST get you closer to your goal. And when you achieve these targets, that you have set correctly, not only does it give you the confidence that you can achieve the next one, but guess what? You’re one step closer to your goal!

Write Down Your Successes!

If you want motivation, do this!

For me, there is nothing more empowering or confidence boosting than taking a little time to acknowledge your successes. Don’t take too much time, don’t rest on things you have already done, but take a moment, and then use the momentum to push you to further success.

I think the “successes” section in the planner is my favourite part! For me, it is the part that keeps me going, keeps me pushing forward. combine that with writing your goals twice per day and you’ll be unstoppable!


So Here’s My Summarised View

Name – 10x Planner
Owners – Grant Cardone

Price – $34.95  – There is also a multi-buy option.

My score:


I can’t recommend this planner highly enough. For any entrepreneur, anybody who is interested in self-improvement, time management, productivity or anything like that, I urge you to give this planner a go.

Thanks for reading.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you!