How much of your day do you spend working?

I’m not asking you how long you spend at work – I don’t care about that at all. What I’m asking is, how much of your day is spent actually producing?

You see the vast majority of us assume we’re getting stuff done just because we’re at work. But are we really? The amount of time most workers spend procrastinating on things like Facebook, Twitter etc… is ridiculous! If you really focussed on making the most of your time, do you not think your life might be a little better?

Personally, I like to be as productive as possible as much as possible. It starts 1st thing in the morning. I start my day at 5am(after being kicked out of bed, for coffee, by the most beautiful woman in the world) by watching around 10 minutes of videos online (usually Grant Cardone University). It gets me in the right frame of mind… gets me focussed on production.

When I start my day like this everything else is far more likely to fall into place for the rest of the day. Ill then work on my websites, send invoices for my plumbing company, spend time with the kids, workout etc… By the time I leave for work at 7:30am, I will have achieved far more than most people will acheive before lunchtime!

How can that not motivate you to produce?

I also use different products – which I’ll be reviewing in due course – which keep me on track throughout the day.

The technology is there, the information is there and now this community is there to keep you on track and help you produce! I find productivity to be self perpetuating! the more I produce – the more success I have – the harder i push which, in turn, brings me more success.

Check back here regularly for tips, strategies and products to keep you on track!


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