Make Time, Not Excuses!

This is going to be a pretty short post, I think, but it’s something that I wanted to put out

Make Time, Not Excuses!


So many people use time as an excuse, for so many different things!

I can’t go to the gym, I don’t have time.
I can’t write that article today, I don’t have time.
I can’t start a side business, I don’t have time!

Bored yet? I know I am!

I’ve spoken in a previous post about time management and understanding just how much time we all really have, I wont go into it now, but you can find it here.


How Will I find Time For That?

Time managMake Time, Not Excuses!ement is not the goal here, time creation is!

When I first decided to start this site, my first worry was, How will I find time for this?

When my wife earned a promotion, which increased her (already huge) workload, How will she find time for it?

When my second child was born, How will I find time for both children?

When I started my 1st business and realised that I had to go and sell as well as do technical work, How will I find time?

There are 2 common themes within all of those:

  1. Time was a worry in all of them.
  2. I always managed to make time.

I still have the first business, I have this site, I have 2 children (and plan to have 2 more), my wife got the promotion and is thriving in her new role – we are making it work and our new 15 – 18 hour working days have become normal.


I Create Time, I Don’t Manage Time!

In all of the above situations, I found more time. No – I created more time.

Each and everytime believing that I was done. That I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in!

We all have so much time everyday and we use next to none of it for production. Think about the worker, staring at the clock, waiting to go home so he can watch TV, crack open a beer and “relax”. That same person, will tell often of how he wishes he had more money and doesn’t have time for overtime!

Now picture a super successful businessman. A billionaire if you like. What do you think his day looks like?Make Time, Not Excuses!

  1. Skype meetings on the way into the office.
  2. staff meeting first thing.
  3. meets with possible client.
  4. makes sales calls.
  5. uses “lunch break” to take a client out and strengthen relationships.
  6. back to work, more sales calls.
  7. meeting with finance department to approve a new project.
  8. deals with a customer complaint.
  9. Video call with potential client on the drive home.
  10. an hour with the kids.
  11. out for dinner with his wife and another client before heading out to a charity event in the hope of meeting that one person in the organisation who can push his business to new heights.

This isn’t even that uncommon for the top earners either! How do some people get so much done with the same 24 hours that we all get.

What is missing from the office worker, desperate to get home?

Commitment and Obsession!


Aren’t Obsessions Bad?

NO! Not if their focussed on production.

Show me one person who has become super successful without being obsessed, just one. I guarantee you can’t do it!

Obsessions are vital to your success and general wellbeing. Find your purpose and get obsessed about it and you will find more energy, more passion, more commitment and most importantly – more time!

So What Should You Do?

If you aren’t already obsessed, if you don’t have something in your life that you’d give up sleep for, something that makes you forget to eat, something that fills your thoughts every waking hour – you have to find something!

You need to find your purpose! Once you do, it all becomes easy.

I’m very lucky, I have a lot to obsess about, and I give myself permission to be completely and unapologetically obsessed at all times.

  1. My wife and children.
  2. My businesses.
  3. My success.
  4. My wealth.

I truly am obsessed! And I’m so glad that I am.

My ability to becomMake Time, Not Excuses!e fully devoted to something is what gets me out of bed at 4:30 am, after only a few hours sleep. It’s what pushes me to do that one last sale at 8:00 pm. It’s what allows me to play “spy ninjas” for hours with my 5 year old son (it’s his game and to be honest, its pretty great!), or stay awake at 2:00 am with my 1 year old daughter because she woke up and wants to play.

Without my obsessions, I’d be like the office worker, waiting to get home, and when that time finally came, I’d be waiting for the kids to go to bed – People spend so much time, in fact most of their time, waiting.

Stop waiting! Get off your A** and do something!

Do anything, just do it now! Look for ways to gain an hour, or 10 minutes here and there.

  • Could you use 10 minutes of your lunch break to make one last call?
  • Could you wake up an hour early? Go to bed an hour late?
  • Could you watch TV for an hour less than you do at the moment?
  • Do you need to spend so much time on facebook?
  • What about the 3 minutes the kettle takes to boil? The 5 minutes the toast takes? or the 20 minutes while your children are eating?
    could you send that email you didn’t get around to yesterday? Maybe you could do a quick 50 push-ups?

My point is, you need to start actively looking for every way possible to add time to your day.

I challenge you to make it a habit. In fact, I challenge you to become Obsessed with creating time. Do that and see what happens to your production. Watch your thoughts and your dreams expand!


Thanks for reading.
As always, I hope I’ve provided some value here. Any comments, leave them below!

2 thoughts on “Make Time, Not Excuses!”

  1. Hi!
    Great article. Many people dream about being their own boss, but then they become completely responsible for their business. How you use your time is the difference between success and failure.
    I especially like points you made about worrying about time and actually always being able to make time and being focused on the thing that matter to you the most.

  2. Hi, Josh, you got it right there. It is often the time we think we do not have that keeps us from having success and satisfaction in life. Right now for example, as a coincidence, I was already trying to sleep. I was listening to an audiobook by Dale Carnegie, a motivation helper, but could not fall asleep, it is now 00.42 AM. So I thought I might as well do some more work here and read your interesting post and comment it.
    I wish you all the energy to reach your dreams

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