I fell off… I’m back on!

I fell off!

By that I mean I lost my focus! I lost my enthusiasm and my need for MORE! I’ve been lazy. Watching too much TV, getting lost in Youtube and Twitter “wormholes” for hours on end, I fell off the productive wagon!

Why am I telling you this?

Because it’s perfectly normal. We all fall off every now and then! It’s how we react when we realise that makes the difference.

I’m lucky, I have an amazing wife who knows me inside out. The other day she tells me, “you’ve been very negative lately, sort yourself out.” Brutal , but honest and exactly what I needed! I already knew it, but hearing it outloud made something shift inside me. I immediately pulled out my phone, turned off twitter notifications from the unhelpful, “gossipy” sources that take so much of my time and looked for the latest video from Grant Cardone.

It reminded me of a story I read in a book that I love:

The Skinny Guy vs The Fat Guy

How many times have you had that shift? That, “from now on, I’m going to eat healthy, go to the gym and just be a much better version of me?”

You clear the house of anything even remotely unhealthy. You go to the shop to buy some fruit, veg and brown rice, may

be some chicken for the protein you’ll surely need after your intense workout tonight. You even grab a health magazine while you’re at it. This is it, you’re committed to this new way of life – there’s no way you’re going back to the Mcdonald’s eating slob that you were a mere few hours ago!

a few days go past and you’re doing great! You’ve been eating healthy, even going to the gym everyday. You fe


el much better already and your shirts seem to fit better too!

Then something happens; you wake up feeling a little different. You fancy bacon and eggs, not porridge! You want to


watch a movie, not go to the gym. You’re the fat guy again!

The book I got this from (where it was told in a much more entertaining way) is The Emyth Revisited – By Michael Gerber.

It’s a typical battle that goes on inside most of us and it is not unlike my situation lately.

I went from being super focussed, enthusiastic and winning, to uninterested and lazy – the worst thing is it took months to notice it!

What to do when you realise you fall off?

Don’t waste a second! Make the changes now!

How many times have you said, “as of Monday I’m going to….”, or “after the weekend I’ll….” and you never end up following through.

You know what you need to do to get back on track, stop wasting time, do it now! You will feel much better for it and stand a far better chance of actually following through.

For me it was the twitter thing, getting back on Grant cardone videoes, writing this post; all things that re-focus and re-energise me!

For you it could be anything, but whatever it is, do it quickly. You need to make the most of that moment when you realise that you need to change!

One day at a time

I watched a video by Grant Cardone today, he was discussing reaching your full potential.

“how do you do it?” he was asked.

“One day at a time” he responded. His point… Start now. You can’t guarantee you’ll be focussed and energised tomorrow, but you can make today the best day that it could possibly be. And if you treat everyday like that, you will be pushing towards your full potential everyday. If money is your focus, you make as much money today as you can, and then do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and after that you make that day the best it can be, until eventually you’re asking yourself, how can I make 10 grand today? or 50 grand? or whatever figure seems impossible to you right now.

You see, everything is impossible – until somebody does it.

Let’s say you work for yourself, you make £100 per day. You’ve been making this money for the last 5 years but today, you’re going to push a little harder and go for £120. You start the day a little pessimistic but with a little bit of work, you manage it. Amazing, £20 more in one day. You manage it again the next day, one day at a time, the third day you work an extra half hour and manage to make £130.

The next day you realise, If I can make an extra £30, how can I make an extra £50? And then £100? You hit that mark and you’ve doubled your income.

I’ve done this (the figures were different but the concept the same) and let me tell you, when your mind is on increasing income, you’ll find a way. And it probably won’t even be that difficult. It didn’t even take much more work when I did it, I just had to become more aware!



I really hope this helps somebody.

As always, comments are very welcome!

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