Grant Cardone

If You Like Motivation, Sales or Even Just Money – You Have To Check This Guy Out

As I write more and more on this site I’m sure you will all notice that I’m a massive fan of Grant Cardone.

The man is a master salesman, coach and businessman and an unbelievably successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been following his content for the best part of 3 years now and have earned a lot of money from what he’s taught me.

Grant really was the first entrepreneur that I followed – he and his content were probably the reason that I am on the path that I am on today!

I was so inspired, so motivated to do more, that I haven’t stopped pushing myself to succeed and to learn ever since!

Where Did He Come From?

Like many of the entrepreneurs that I follow, Grant came from nothing. He grew up “poor and middle class” as he puts it.

His dad earned his American dream. Bought the house of his dreams, then he died of a heart attack when Grant was only 10.

Grants mum had no idea how to produce income, all she had was the knowledge that so many are brought up with – Save, save, save!

He had issues with drugs and the lifestyle that comes with it. Had no clear career path, no interest in entrepreneurship – just destructive behaviours.


When Did It Change?

After attending rehab, Grant found his purpose. At 25 years old, he committed his energy to success and self improvement. He borrowed money to buy a training course, $3000, his biggest purchase at that time. He got his job back at a car dealership and changed his attitude towards it.

He began to see the money that was there. He decided to devote himself to becoming great at a job he hated.

Things changed immediately for him. Focussing on increasing his income and his skill, he began to love selling. All of the extra money Grant was earning, he put into “sacred accounts”.  Accounts that were marked for future investments.

Sometimes earning over $10,000.00 in a month, he still lived like he was poor. He had money, but no access to it. Struggling to pay bills, not going out with friends, all so that, one day, he could do more than just get by!


New York Times Best Selling Author

That’s right – Grant is also an author, and his books are a must read for any entrepreneur!

The 10X Rule
If You’re Not First You’re Last
Closer’s Guide To Survival
Sell or Be Sold
The Millionaire Booklet
Be Obsessed or Be Average!

All of those books are absolute game changers!

What Does He Do?

He Sells! Basically, the man is a selling machine.

He owns a real estate investment business, a TV Station, A Conference and speaking company and his online store.

He is all over the internet – over 1500 videos on YouTube, live Facebook streams everyday, Tweets twice per hour! The man is unstoppable!

Grant also owns an online Sales university – Cardone University – you can find my full review here!

Just Google “Grant Cardone” and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

His main goal is for 7 billion people to know who he is – impossible right? Maybe – but if anybody is willing to put in the effort and take the actions required to make it happen – it’s Grant.

A few months ago Grant held the 10X growth con in Miami. I couldn’t be there, I live in London which made it difficult. But he did offer a livestream, which you get lifetime access to.

At the growth con GC brought together some of the greatest, most successful entrepreneurs who all gave up their time to show people like you and I how to have a great life.


What Has He Done For Me?

Since I found Grant Cardone 3 years ago, after reading The 10X Rule, I’ve been hooked! As far as motivational speakers go, he’s got that down to a fine art, sales, he’s mastered that too – Increasing income and generally making a S**T load of money – yeah, I’d say he’s the man for that too.

Grant makes it ok to be obsessed by money, success and a future filled with opportunity, adventure and freedom. In life, 99.9% of people will tell you “you don’t need that much money”, or “money won’t make you happy” – How the F**K do you know? most of the people offering this “advice”, have never had any money anyway, yet they still feel like they can advise on the subject.

Talking about money is taboo – unless you’re complaining about being poor that is.

Telling people that you are going to be rich – they either laugh or ridicule you and give you the same useless “advice” that their parents gave them!

If you told Grant you wanted to be a millionaire, his only criticism would be that you aren’t shooting for $100,000,000.00! He is a genuine, down to the bone entrepreneur.

If you are striving for more in life, you need to take a look at Grant Cardone – You won’t be disappointed!


Thanks for reading, Hope it helps.
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