Book Reviews

It is said that the top 1% read 60+ books per year – The average American reads less than 1 per year.

I myself like to read when I get time. The problem is, with 2 children and 2 businesses, I rarely “get time”. I read a lot on holiday, but other than that, not very much at all. I’m going to change that and I’ll be reviewing each book here!

There is clearly a connection between the success that some people manage to earn in their life, and the amount those people read and educate themselves. Far too many of us stop believing in education when we leave school – when in reality, the real education, the stuff that will push your life and your career, it all starts when you leave the confines of structured education.

Make Time – Not Excuses

I’ve said above, that I don’t “get time” to read very much. That’s just an easy and rather lazy excuse. The truth is, I don’t make the time to read, to educate myself.

We all have 24 hours per day – what are you doing with yours?

the most successful people in this world manage to handle multiple businesses, children, charity, education and a social life – most of us feel like we’ve earned the right to relax every night because w2e survived another day at work! How lazy are most of us?!?

My Pledge

I’m making a commitment right now – I will read 20 books in the next 12 months.

It’s not quite the 60+ that the 1% manage, but we all have to start somewhere.

Ill be reviewing both good and bad, in my own way. I won’t be commenting on the writing style or grammar or anything like that – I’ll focus on what I take away from what I read and how I think you could benefit!