Andy Frisella

“A satisfied customer is about one percentage point away from being a pissed off customer.” – Andy Frisella.

I first came across Andy Frisella whilst watching the 10X Growth Con 2017 Live Stream.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea who this guy was – but Jarrod Glandt seemed pretty pumped about him so I was on board. The guy immediately grabbed me! I was drawn to his, excuse the language” no bullshit approach to speaking!

Who is Andy Frisella?

Andy is the founder of supplement superstore 1st Phorm International.

He started 1st Phorm around 17 years ago, with no experience in supplements or even business, no funding, no daddy money – He did have buckets full of determination and entrepreneurialism!Andy Frisella

He funded his inventory at the start using pre approved credit cards, as he had to pay $12,000 up front to rent the store.

with no money for advertising, he was forced to bang on doors! He drove up and down the streets of Springfield, Missouri – walking into different businesses, introducing himself and his business.

“People buy from their friends!”

He built relationships the old fashioned way, the hard way and eventually people got to know who he was, what he was doing and they began buying from him.

From Humble Beginnings to Over $100,000,000.00

For 2 years Andy slept in the back of his store on and off.

the first sale was for $7 – it took months to get a day of $200 and 6 years to open the second store.

His business now does $100,000,000.00 per year in sales! That is truly amazing!

He went from literally nothing but an entrepreneurial spirit, to what I would consider super-rich!

1st Phorm Culture

Andy puts massive attention of the customer experience. He believes that if you provide such an amazing service to your customer, beyond what you are being paid for, beyond what is expected – you will be rewarded with lifelong loyalty – People will actually sell for you!Andy Frisella

He gives rewards to members of staff for things like, unprompted handshakes, Facebook reviews and the most unbelievable showing of going above and beyond for the customer.

Some examples that he has given of his staff going the extra mile for their customers.

  • Helping them move home.
  • Giving them a ride to where they need to go.
  • Sourcing, ordering and delivering car parts that a customer needed (absolutely nothing to do with what 1st Phorm sells – nutrition supplements)
  • Even running a customer’s business while he recovered from Cancer

This kind of stuff has to be a part of your business culture. It’s not something that you can tell your staff to do, it won’t be genuine enough! It starts with you! Be the example for everybody to follow. If your staff don’t follow your lead, they aren’t the right fit for your customer 1st business.

Adjust your hiring process to look for the people who will fit this way of doing things. The people are out there, they can be a little difficult to find, but if you hang in there and keep looking, you’ll find them!

What I Got From Him

This guys 10X Growth Con speech forced me to make immediate changes in my business! The next day I sat my staff down and explained to them, our new way of doing things. I made it clear that this wasn’t optional and if the new style of business didn’t sit well with them, it wasn’t the place for them!

they watched the video of Andy at the Growth Con and seemed as inspired as I was.

I have watched that speech at least 10 times since and it has the same effect each and every time. I go back to work re-energised and motivated to be the difference in my industry!

Where Can I Find Him?

He presents a podcast: The MFCEO – which you can find on iTunes. I love his podcasts – the guy speaks absolute sense!
He’s a massive advocate of real entrepreneurs! People who have done it and are doing it!

You can also see his speech at the 10X Growth Con by purchasing the live stream from


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