A Brief Review of the 10X Growth Con

In March 2017 Grant Cardone held The 10X Growth Con in Miami. Thousands of people attended the event in hopes of learning to blow up their success! And I don’t imagine many of them were disappointed!

Grant only announced the event a few months prior, and still, in true Uncle G fashion, he sold the A Brief Review of the 10X Growth Conplace out – sold the hotel on moving a different even to allow 10X more space – had more space and sold out again!!! How do you sell out the same event twice?!

The tickets ranged in value, from general admission, to a networking yacht party, even dinner at GC’s private residence! The tickets were pretty expensive at all levels – but when value exceeds price, it has to be worth it.

As if that wasn’t enough – selling out twice – Grant decided to offer a new kind of ticket- a live stream for all of those people who couldn’t make it to Miami – being from London, with a business that relies heavily on my presence, it was impossible for me to get there – so the live stream was most welcome!

Not only did I get to watch the whole thing – 3 days – live… I still have access to it now! You see, when Uncle G goes in on something, he goes all in! They’ve broken the video up into easy to navigate chapters so you can easily skip to your favourite speaker.

The Line-up

As I have said, when Grant goes in, he goes all in!

He managed to organise the best line up of speakers, from all sorts of backgrounds – sales, B2B, internet marketing, network marketing, training and general entrepreneurship! I don’t care who you are or what you do – there will have been a speaker at the event that you would have loved!

Here’s the list:

Day 1: Sales Summit
• Daymond John
• Kevin Harrington
• Tom Cummins
• Jack Jackintelle
• Bobby Castro
• Brad Lea
• Victor Antonio A Brief Review of the 10X Growth Con
• Andy Frisella

Day 2: Marketing Mastery
• Danelle Delgado
• Russell Brunson
• Les Brown
• Roddy Chong
• Chelsea Krost
• Jamie Shanks
• Lewis Howes
• Tim Grover

Day 3: Ideal Business & Life
• Elena Cardone
• Hank Norman
• Gloria Mayfield Banks
• James Barbour
• Jarrod Glandt
• Tim Storey
• Jay Abraham
Grant Cardone 

I’ll be going into detail on each speakers time at the 1oX Growth Con in future posts!

The event was such a massive success, that on day 3 Grant announced the sale of tickets for 2018 10X Growth Con!

What I Got From It

I haven’t even watched every speaker yet, and I’ve had access to it for months now, because I’m hooked on a few of the ones that I have seen – I’ve watched some of them over 10 times and I get something from it every time!

Here’s my favourites so far:

Brad Lea
Andy Frisella
Victor Antonio
Tim Grover
Grant Cardone
Jack Jackintelle
Russell Brunson

I’ve watched each of these over and over – especially Brad Lea, Andy Frisella and Tim Grover.

After I watched the event I made some immediate changes in my business – Customer satisfaction was no longer enough (“a satisfied customer is about 1% away from being a p**sed off customer!” – Andy Frisella) I told my employees that I never again wanted to hear “that’s not my job”, or “that’s not really what we’re here for” – if we can help with something, we should. So we now look for ways to help our customers beyond what they have paid for!

I am also far more consistent and productive on a day to day basis thanks to the Tim Grover speech – “Tomorrow is never promised, do as much as possible today!”

There is so much to take from the 10X Growth Con. At times is just a little one liner that makes me go “oh S**T” and at times it is genuine, been there done it, business advice.

How Can You See It?

If you’re just learning about the Growth Con, don’t worry, you can still see it.

Grant has made the live stream version available to everybody. So you can still see the event now from $99.00!

Just take a look at Grant Cardone’s store and you’ll see what I’m talking about!A Brief Review of the 10X Growth Con


Seriously guys – it’s $99.00 ($149.00 for all 3 days with lifetime access) – it’s not a massive investment but you will get so much from it! I mean, if you’re here, on my site, you are not here by chance! You’re here because you want to make more money! I guarantee you will find something at the Growth Con to help you do exactly that!

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6 thoughts on “A Brief Review of the 10X Growth Con”

  1. Thanks Josh for this short review and the interesting information. I must admit that I have never listened to Grant Cardone, but I have to some other speakers at The 10X Growth Con in Miami.

    I went to the page you linked to about the event and it seems very interesting, though it would be good if there was a list of specific topics the speakers will be talking about.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I agree, Grant could’ve included that information on his site. But I’ll be covering pretty much everything in future posts.

  2. Sounds like an interesting event. I must admit that often these hyped American conventions with motivational speakers can be a bit too much and too fake for me. But the examples you tell about sounds like there is some really good points to take away from this event, and especially nice to have access to it lifetime, as things like that needs to be heard several times to really understand it.

    Inspiring to hear how you have also used it to immediately make some changes for your business. Very good point about how close a satisfied customer is from being angry, and why we should always do what we can to help. Even if that means to do more than what is expected. Not only to make a profit, but also out of respect for the customer and their situation. In the long run that will anyways also be good for business I believe.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences about this event. Very interesting.


    1. Thanks,

      It really was a game changer. Grant’s doing another one in 2018 – I’m hoping to get to it this time but London to Miami is an expensive flight!

  3. I think Grant Cardone is a great person to look up to for all those hopeful entrepreneurs out there. I’ve read three of his books – “The 10X Rule”, “Be Obsessed Or Be Average” and “Sell or be Sold” – they’re all brilliant and give you a great insight to what it really takes to be come a successful business man and seller like Grant is himself. I encourage all that haven’t heard of him to check him out!

    1. Thanks for the comments Lyle,

      You’re right about Grant – I don’t think you can watch or listen to him without being inspired!

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