10 Ways To Be More Productive In The Morning

Start Your Day With A Win!

I’m like most people – When I wake up, the 1st thing I do is complain. I complain that the kids had me up all night, that my back hurts, that I feel like I’ve barely slept, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, why is it so grey outside?! You name it, it goes through my head in the morning.

But then I remember – I’m awake at 4:30am f0r a reason… I’ve got s**t to do!



A little while back I decided to start trying to wake up – and stay up – at 4:30am. I thought that it would give me a head start on everybody else – I was right. Now I want to be honest from the off – I don’t manage it everyday! In fact, I probably only manage the 4:30 3- 4 times per week (I never go past 5:00am though) – But The days that I manage it, I start my day with a massive win!

It isn’t easy by any means, but it is so worth it when you do manage it. On those days, I arrive at work at 8:30am having already achieved more than most will have by lunch time – That’s Massive! Not only does it motivate me, but if the day takes a turn for the worst, if things get on top and I can’t get through all of my commitments, I have given myself that “breathing room” by being so active early on.

So, lets get straight into it


5 – Get To Bed By 9am

This may sound an obvious and fairly silly one, but how many of us actually manage it? Is it a simple thing to do?

Let’s break down the average day shall we?

  • 8am – start work
  • 5pm – finish work
  • 6pm – home from work, dinner for the kids
  • 6:30pm – bath kids
  • 7:15 – 7:30pm – Put kids to bed
  • 8pm – Eat dinner
  • 8:30pm – send invoices and quotes to customers
  • 9:00pm – Do a little work on my websites
  • 10:00pm – finally get a chance to watch some TV with my wife – usually sleeping by 11:00pm

That’s a pretty average day for me – taking out all of the stuff I do before work. It looks like getting to bed by 9pm is going to be near on impossible doesn’t it? It’s tough, and I don’t manage it most days, but its not, by any means, impossible. And the more active you are in the morning, the more chance you’ll have of getting an early night.

Try preparing your meals at the weekend or before work – you’ll save an hour in the evenings right there!

Maybe I could use my 15 minute lunch break to send my quotes and emails to my customers for my plumbing and heating business.

There are a lot of things that can be done differently here and my point is, if you are actively looking for ways to improve, you’re more likely to find them. It all starts with actually taking note of what your days look like!

So pull out a pen and paper, or use your phone – there are plenty of apps out there you could use – and start taking a note of how your day runs. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to find solutions to the problem that is time!


4 – Get Your Clothes Ready The Night Before

This ones massive for my wife and I!

How many times have you actually woken up at 4:30am or 5:00am? You’re so pleased that you’ve managed it that you reward yourself with 5 more minutes in the comfort of your bed – next thing you know your alarm is going off and you’re late for work!

Simple Solution – Get Dressed! Ridiculous as it sounds, just getting up and getting dressed will stop you from falling back to sleep most of the time. I’ve had mornings where I’ve woken up at 4:30am, gone to the kitchen, made coffee, drank coffee, woken my wife up, and still fallen back to sleep!

This never happens if I get dressed!

But what if you can’t face the abyss that is your wardrobe? That’s where this comes in! You already did it last night remember?? Your clothes are chosen and ironed, ready and waiting for you!

Tell me that wouldn’t help you out of bed!

Whether it’s your work clothes or gym clothes, I don’t care, just get up and get dressed before you do anything else and you’re already winning!




The snooze button is a killer – if there is ever

 a global epidemic of lateness – I


 blame the guy who invented the snooze button!

Like I said above – how many times have you managed the 4:30, only to be sabotaged by the snooze button?

I mean, what’s the point? It’s like a big QUIT button! You made a commitment last night to be up at 4:30am – but the genius who designed the alarm has you covered with your very own “f**k this, I’ll do it tomorrow” button!

Don’t touch it!

You made a decision, a commitment to be up at 4:30am – that didn’t mean you’d open your eyes and take like a moral victory, no! It means, UP. Up and active, productive!

When that alarm goes off, you need to jump out of bed, keep working on it until it becomes habit! Don’t snooze, don’t put your phone under the pillow, don’t look for that one spot that you wish you’d found before you went to sleep because it is quite clearly, the most comfortable you’ve ever been! Just get up!

Get up, have a coffee, a tea, some water, an apple – anything – just let your body know it’s time to roll!


2 – Sleep With The Curtains Open

Especially in the summer!

If I wake up to sunshine beaming through my window, I can’t wait to get up. It really does help me to see the sun shining 1st thing in the morning. I get up, open all the windows, take a big breath of fresh air and get on with my day!

I’ll take my laptop into the garden, sit in the sun and get some early morning emails/ website updates done while I enjoy my coffee! It’s like being on holiday!

I’m just in a much better mood 1st thing, if I wake up to the sun!


1 – Have Your “Battle Plan” Ready And Waiting!

I covered “battle plans” a little in a previous post, but I can’t stress enough – this one thing is responsible for my most successful mornings!

Use whatever you need to for recording your battle plan, that isn’t important – I use Grant Cardone’s 10x Planner – but you could use an app, a sheet of paper, notepad, whatever you like. Just get it written down.

Imagine waking up at 4:30am.
You wake up, wish you could have another couple of hours in bed, then your head turns to all the different things you have to do.
You don’t have a plan, just a rough idea of the things that need to get done.

How likely are you to get up and get working?
Even if you do manage to rip yourself from your bed, how long will it take you to decide which task to tackle first?

Now imagine this:
You wake up at 4:30am, wish you could go back to sleep.
Then  you remember – you have a plan.
Last night – you wrote a battle plan for your morning.
You don’t have to think, you just have to do!
Before you know it, I guarantee, you will be flying through your list!
You will discover just how much you can get done in 2 hours or so!
You’ll probably get, more done in that 2 hours, that you have set aside specifically for the purpose of crushing your list, than you will in the first 4 hours of your working day!


I really hope this helps somebody!


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